Changing Chrome magnet link association in Ubuntu

Setting the default program that Chrome / Chromium uses to open links in Ubuntu is easy. One thing that really annoyed me recently was that magnet links would default to Transmission instead of Vuze. I’ve since decided that I actually prefer Transmission now that it has DHT, but here’s how to adjust the association:

At the terminal run:


This will open up the gnome configuration editor.  The magnet url handler can be found at: /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/magnet.

Then set the ‘command’ string to launch the application you want. For example, the transmission command line would be:

transmission "%s"

The %s simply appends the link after launching transmission. You can change transmission to azureus if you want Vuze to run instead, or any bittorrent client of your choice.

7 thoughts on “Changing Chrome magnet link association in Ubuntu

  1. yeah that doesn’t work in ubuntu 12.04

    I set it to

    vuze %s

    after clicking a test magnet link from chromium transmission continues to load :(

  2. after clicking around the web finding it now need be

    vuze %u

    and tinkering with gvfs-mime (since xdg-open really employs gvfs-open)

    and correcting vuze.desktop

    oh did I mention I’m using gnome-panel as I would rather harm myself than suffer unity?

    all whatsits which tinker handlers reveal vuze.desktop as the associate for magnet and bittorrent.

    NOTHING turns up in vuze uncategorized list

    BUT I can manually (ALT+F2)

    vuze [paste magnet link here]

    and it does

    vuze is malware on windows. Is it suckware on linux? or do I have “developers” to thank for ‘unity’ v gnome v DE alts ? :(


  3. I simply uninstalled Transmission and now Chrome automatically opens magnet links in qBitTorrent (my newly installed BT client)

  4. Yup. Just uninstall transmission-gtk and chrome will default to whatever other torrent program you have. In my case, qbittorrent.

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