Fixed: Cannot install Synaptics Touchpad Driver Windows 8.1

Are you having problems installing the latest (v17) version of Synaptics touchpad drivers in Windows 8.1? A number of people have run into problems due to an issue with the latest divers not being signed correctly. This is compounded by the fact that Synaptics don’t seem to make their older drivers available. I could not install v17.0.19 of the Synaptics driver.

After a lot of searching and experimenting, I managed to get the following driver to work. It contains the 32 & 64bit driver – v17.0.6.13.

Download v17.0.6.13 here

Please note that the first time I tried to install it, only one of the two drivers installed correctly. I then restarted the system and ran setup again. The second time, both installed properly. I also ran setup as Administrator (right click, run as administrator) just in case.

I now have no problems with the touch pad and all works correctly. Previously I has issues with the touchpad freezing during busy times and randomly relocating to the top left.

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  2. I ran into the same after updating it to windows 8.1 (which I don’t see a reason why they launched it anyway coz loads of drivers got messed up but anyways). Do you know if these drivers have multi touch compatibility? My touchpad on laptop does support multi touch or it used too :/

  3. It does support multitouch (pinch to zoom, two finger drag etc.) Annoyingly there are no more recent drivers that install well as of writing. The driver above isn’t perfect but it is the best working one I can find at the moment that doesn’t have the signature problem.

  4. Hi there ryu kent, so my install was successful. however, i could not find synaptics device settings in the mouse setting. Please help!! thank you so much for your post!!

  5. Have you reached out to Synaptics technical support to have them release a fix? If the root cause is really the signature issue, as you stated, I’m wondering if Synaptics has any QA process to check these basic issues before releasing crap to the public.

  6. I looked at the files in the zip file. Files are correctly signed but Synaptics did not include the signed catalog file ( referenced in inf file which is needed for installing a driver.

  7. Great work – solved a big problem for me here – much appreciated. I’ve linked to you from a MS Answers question too so hopefully you’ll get some more traffic for coming up with this excellent solution. Cred to Sav too for spotting the root cause being the missing CAT file.

    Thanks again.

  8. I NEVER take the time to leave comments and whatnot to thank people on the internet. This is an exception. You are nothing less than a hero. I praise and worship you. Amen.

  9. Actually it still doesn’t work despite the installation. I hate Synaptics touchpad…

  10. Thank you so much – I was almost about to take my new laptop back because the clickpad was so completely useless, jittery, constantly freezing up and with no multitouch. Now it works perfectly!

  11. Another thing to consider is that Windows Update may replace this driver with one it feels is better – it won’t be, and will revert your new Synaptics driver to an older version that won’t work as well. To resolve this I set Windows Updates (in Control Panel\Security section) to be Download Only and to inform me about updates rather than install automatically. I then re-installed the driver above to replace the Windows Update version, and when I ran a manual Windows Update I could then “hide” the Synaptics Driver update which came up, meaning the “good” driver doesn’t keep getting replaced.

  12. I installed the driver, but my touchpad is still not working properly. None of the special motions work. I think that the touchpad is being recognized as a normal mouse because there are no touch//motion settings that can be altered in the synaptics properties menu. Any ideas?

  13. YAY! my keboard and touchpad is FINALLY fixed after this update! (all the gadzillion other updates of various drivers never worked)! thanks SO much! =)

  14. what you can also do is disable driver signature enforcement and then it will let you install the newest drivers fine through the device manager.

    1) follow this

    2) extract newest driver from zip from synaptics website and install through device manager.

    3)choose the option you have cd and locate drivers on computer, restart and done.

  15. i already disabled driver signature.
    stopped windows update.
    and i’m now typing using on screen keyboard! :(
    is it a hardware (hp) or software win8.1 issue? win8 was totally fine..

  16. I used the current version, the installation was successfully, but no driver and/or application is present… With 10.x driver and the app was present…

  17. Thanks jaremy for this information. This worked for me.

    “what you can also do is disable driver signature enforcement and then it will let you install the newest drivers fine through the device manager.

    1) follow this

    2) extract newest driver from zip from synaptics website and install through device manager.

    3)choose the option you have cd and locate drivers on computer, restart and done.

  18. Works Fine…. but windows 8.1 update this driver for other versión…. i need disable the update only for this driver…. i need your help.

  19. Thanks for the driver info. I have Win8.1 running on a Dell D610 laptop, but the touchpad buttons did not work (whereas the tap/click and scroll function did). Installing the above Synaptic driver enabled the buttons but the scroll function no longer works. Doesn’t matter – use the key board to scroll.

  20. Since no one answered, the answer is this:
    Roll back to the driver (Synaptics)
    Press Windows + q then type windows update and press Enter.
    Click on install optional updates.
    Untick Synaptics driver, right-click on it and select Hide update.
    Now Windows should not bother you with it any more.

  21. Hi, the download link seems to be dead now, could you put up a new one?

  22. Looks like it’s working OK at the moment. Could have been a problem with Bitcasa. Please try the link again.

  23. Hm, it does install, smooth scrolling and pointing work fine, but windows 8/8.1 swype from left or right features don’t work. Same as how the older HP Windows 8 multitouch driver i had been using (on my dell) functioned. At least it’s newer though.

  24. Hi I have a Packard Bell Easynote ME69BMP and the touchpad has stopped I have downloaded the file as above and noticed it is a zip file now I know nothing about computers i have gone into my download files and opened the zip file and opened it and opened the autorun and installed it as the wizard say and restarted my laptop however the touchpad mouse still doesn’t work does anyone have any suggestions please thanks

  25. Hi…

    I would just like to let you know that I managed to make the 17.0.19 version work perfectly by first doing the installation following the guide on

    BUT. After the installation of the driver, my computer didn’t recognize the driver (I couldn’t find the Synaptics settings in the Mouse preferences, and the gestures, scrolling etc. didn’t work).

    I found out that I could “force” the computer to use to the 17.0.19 driver though device manager by doing the following steps:

    1. Open device manager
    2. Find the touchpad device (“PS/2 Compatible Mouse”)
    3. Right click on the device and click “Update Driver Software”
    4. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”
    5. Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
    6. Uncheck the option “Show compatible hardware”
    7. Under “Manufacturer”, scroll down to “Synaptics”
    8. Under “Model”, the 17.0.19 driver should appear.
    9. Select the driver and click next.
    10. Click “Yes” to the “Update Driver Warning” pop-up.
    11. Reboot your computer

    After these steps, the driver worked fine for me.

    I hope it might help some others out there :-) Enjoy…

  26. Well I can’t even install it. When I try it just says that it was not possible to find the proper program to install it. Which program is this ??

  27. Tried to install Synaptics v17.0.19, would not install as there is no INF file to identify the hardware for the driver update

    Installed v17.0.6.13 Installed both drivers first time and all gestures work.

    Well done.


  28. I tried to install the Driver but it says “No appropirate Drivers found to be installed” what should i do Please Help Me !!

  29. T61 : Windows 8.1 :: 64 Bit

    Two Finger Scroll

    1) Download latest Synaptics Driver 17.0.19
    2) Install Driver, after following Steps
    3) My System do not Display Synaptics Tab in Control Panel :(
    Run Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe

    Two finger scrolling starts, but Synaptics Tab do not appear in Mouse setting

    I have created shortcut of above file and put it in Startup Folder (Google how to go to Startup folder , if missing create it).

    So app starts at boot. So far this Solutions works for me. Dont want to spent more hours to add Synaptic Tab :(

  30. Missed::

    Step 2A: After installing driver & Restart

    Goto Device Manager and update driver , Choose Manual , Select “Synaptics” >> PS2 Touch Pad

  31. Wow, thanks Jesperten, this worked perfectly! I actually can’t thank you enough, i have been trying to figure this out for a full day now with my Alienware M14X which i got from a friend, thanks so much man!

  32. hi, my problem is i cant see on device manager the “PS/2 Compatible Mouse”. im runner in 8.1 pro, acer e5 411. still my touchpad isn’t working.

    i’ve already done all tips providede here but sitll wont help.

  33. Jesperten, thanks, that was the solution! I’m not positive about this, but I think you might have to be sure to disable digital signature checking immediately before installing the new driver–you might want to remove the old driver first and then follow the howtogeek guide.

  34. Hey Ryu, that updated link seems to have V14 drivers, aren’t we looking for v17?


  35. Actually nevermind, just remembered that the official ones will work now, was trying to get it to work again after a reinstall. Follow Jespertens instructions, and use the latest one from the Synaptics website, working well now.

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  38. Ryu Kent on 16 December 2014 at 2:03 pm said:
    Just updated the link

    Thanks so much, this works loads better than what was installed on mine! Seems to have more options too! 😀

  39. Thanks for all the help everyone. I have followed everyone’s advice and I still do not have two finger scrolling.

    I am on an Acer Aspire V5 473P 5602

    Luckily I can scroll using my touch screen, but it sucks not having a fully working touchpad. I’m scared to update my Asus to 8.1 because of this reason. I upgraded my old HP to Windows 8.1 and it had this problem. I though it was just crappy. Now I find out this computer is having the same problem. Freaking blows.

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